Consult us on any problems re Marketing in Japan!

▼“We know nothing of the Japan market and would like to conduct a feasibility study, considering that we plan to expand our business to Japan.”
▼No internal resources available for marketing or for new product/service development.
▼Branding is difficult due to exhausting price competition.
▼No time for long term planning, always busy with short term planning.
▼Cannot develop new products/services successfully.
▼Desperate shortage of human resources for marketing.
▼“It’s a shame. But we don’t know who uses our product/service and when, how and why it is used.”
▼“Why doesn’t our product sell well although it’s development was based on innovative ideas ”
▼“Concerned about our business future because we don’t know why our product sells well at present.”
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Main Services

▼Assistance in program development for first time launch in Japan
▼Marketing strategy proposal including analysis of market research
▼Consumer insight including proposal and analysis of consumer research
▼Development of new product/service concept
▼Plan proposal for introducing new product/service
▼Project management of new product/service development and introduction
▼Sales promotion plan proposal for existing product/service
▼Education of marketing staff

Contract & Fee

Arrive at consensus on services to be used by client after thorough discussion (including agreement on retainer contracts or project based contracts.
Estimates will be submitted after consensus reached with client.
All work free of charge until estimate submission.

Our contract (incl. NDA and service) begins at the time of estimate approval even in the absence of a written contract.

Client will prepare written contract if one is deemed necessary.